Stage Mapping

Video projection can be applied on all sorts, shapes and sizes of party and festival stages to give your visitors an amazing night !

Nokta Visual combines custom animations rendered for the decor with it’s huge library of awesome video content to provide mind blowing beat synced visuals all night long . 

Architecture mapping

Projection mapping is maybe best known for its application on buildings, monuments or modern architecture facades. 
By using multiple high quality video projectors we are able to transform any building in a canvas for story telling , visual spectacle or advertisement.

Streetart mapping

Streetart mapping is a technique where we apply video projection and custom digital animations on physically painted murals, graffiti and streetart works. The use of video projectors allows us to bring these works alive at night and turn any venue into a magical place !

Marketing mapping

Video mapping can be a great asset to showcase your brand,
presentation or latest products.
Nokta Visual develops custom concepts which include video mapping, audio, light and interactive elements to make a one of a kind visual experience.


If you really want to impress your visitors, a hologram is what you need ! 
Nokta Visual offers various setup possibilities for hologram projections, get in touch to know more !


Lasers are another great way to elevate your events to the next level ! 
Many different setups can be made using high quality RGB lasers to produce amazing beam shows or large scale graphics on walls or buildings. 

Cube 360

Cube 360° Is a video mapping installation exploring the sense of life and connection in an inanimate object as synthetic as a cube.

Custom projection content was developed and rendered from multiple perspectives to be projected on this real life wood & fabric cube to be viewed from all angles.


The Astronauts are 2 twins from the future who landed on your gig!
Nokta Visual created this concept to be used at events, parties and festivals, where the Astronauts truly come alive and react to the dance crowd dynamic !

Nokta Visual creates audiovisual experiences for your events.
Visuals // Mapping // Lasers //
Interactive // Custom

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Nokta Visual

Nokta Visual creates audiovisual experiences for your events.
Visuals // Mapping // Lasers //
Interactive // Custom