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Every project has its own unique aspects and requires a custom approach. We start with an initial contact through phone or video call to explore the project, it’s requirements and scope. Depending on location and project, we organise a site visit, either in person or through digital communication. Please provide us with reference images, videos, CAD plans or 3D models if possible.


Study & simulation

Following up on our initial contact, we create a project study to develop a concept & moodboard. We create a first proposal and determine the budget required to realise the project. If the proposal gets accepted, we create a secondary in depth study of the project on all its aspects to form the storyboard, timing schedules, technical plans, equipment lists, project contracts and a detailed price quotation.


Design & installation

We keep close contact during the entire creation process so you are confident progress is being made in the right direction for a great final result. We communicate with all necessary partners who are involved on the project to make sure everyone receives the information or data needed on time. When the content is created or the installation is built and tested, we get together for a review of the work delivered. Changes are made where needed, final schedules about installation and operation are confirmed with all parties and suppliers are contacted for the necessary equipment. The installation workflow is very dependent on the unique properties of each project. We start by verifying our plans to the real world situation and continue installing all hardware involved. Most projects require a certain amount of calibration time which is also used to verify all systems are running smoothly.



Finally all content is tested and the game is on ! Live shows are now ready to be rehearsed & performed. All servers are checked a final time and Nokta Visual is ready for showtime! Temporary or permanent installations are documented for operation or we train local operators or technicians for the final handover of the installation. Our job doesn’t stop there though! We provide remote monitoring of installations and you can always rely on us to solve any possible issues as fast as possible. When everything is over we make sure all equipment gets taken down and returned safely. We end our current collaboration with a short evaluation of the project and the clients experience.

Nokta Visual creates audiovisual experiences for your events.
Visuals // Mapping // Lasers //
Interactive // Custom

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Nokta Visual

Nokta Visual creates audiovisual experiences for your events.
Visuals // Mapping // Lasers //
Interactive // Custom