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Specialised in video mapping & visual content

Specialised in live visuals, video mapping, digital animation and custom concepts, Nokta Visual provides temporary and permanent audiovisual installations for any kind of occasion.

We deliver consultancy, creative and technical services from concept to showtime.
Available worldwide for events, collaborations and live shows.


This is What We Do

Live visuals

The right visuals really gives a new
 dimension to your event.
Nokta Visual provides live VJ services using video projectors and led screens to create amazing shows and performances worldwide.
We can play live on short notice, develop full custom shows or we can be part of a larger production to give your visitors an unforgettable experience !

Laser shows

Awesome visuals or an amazing laser show are perfect for impressing visitors at your events !
Nokta Visual provides live operation of show laser units such as Kvant or Laserworld. 

Beamshow setups of 2 to 20 laser units are possible or we can project large scale graphics with laser light for example logos on buildings,

Video mapping

Video mapping (projection mapping) is a technique to project visual animations or effects on irregular surfaces such as buildings, sculptures or objects. Combined with the right content we create amazing experiences for all visitors young and old. With our years of experience in this field we can supply for projects of any size or complexity.

Interactive installation

New technologies allow for interesting interaction possibilities between multimedia installations and visitors. Nokta Visual develops custom solutions to fit perfectly in your project and amaze your audience ! We can develop custom installations which can be temporary or permanent. 


Content is king, having the right visuals can make or break your project.
Nokta Visual creates content customised to your needs, rendered or realtime. We love creating animations for unique situations such as 3D objects, festival stages, custom decors and large buildings.

Audiovisual installation

From touchscreens to media servers, we understand technology and know how to use it effectively. Nokta Visual designs, installs and operates audiovisual installations ranging from permanent art exhibitions to audio reactive visual deco for nightclubs. We have a expertise in video, light, digital leds, lasers, digital fabrication and decor building.

Visual gigs
AV installations
Happy clients

what our customers say

"Pixel perfect"

"Nokta created a motion graphic as part of a bigger presentation for us. The result was pixel perfect and fit the brief perfectly. He delivers and you can feel his professional commitment whenever we work together."

Aries Bv

"Visual orgasm"

"Nokta Visual provided us with excellent service with amazing images that ensured that the perfect atmosphere was created for the event concept we organised. You can count on some visual orgasm!"

Robbe Van Bogaert

"Always exciting"

"Working with Nokta enables me to always challenge myself creatively as they think with you and try to find ways to bring your ideas to life. Their mapping experience gives me the opportunity to let the actors interact with the audiovisual content from one space and object to the other. Working with Nokta has always been exciting for me."

Multi-discipline theatermaker

Nokta Visual creates audiovisual experiences for your events.
Visuals // Mapping // Lasers //
Interactive // Custom

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Nokta Visual

Nokta Visual creates audiovisual experiences for your events.
Visuals // Mapping // Lasers //
Interactive // Custom