What is video mapping?

Video mapping is a technique where video projectors are used to project content on irregular surfaces, like buildings, objects or decor pieces.

Using video mapping techniques with the right visual content, one can achieve spectacular results or 3D illusions.

Video content can be projected to fit perfectly on an object while leaving the surrounding area dark.

Content can be warped and distorted so the result looks visually correct to the visitor even if surfaces are under an angle.

How can video mapping be used?

The possibilities for video mapping are endless.

Objects like wedding cakes or cars can be mapped from multiple angles for unique branding or visual storytelling.
Video projection can be integrated as part of a concert, dance, music clip or theatre performance.

Custom made video content can be applied on building facades for national holidays or grand openings, it can be used to give a new dimension to existing mural paintings or marketing banners and it’s even possible to create interactive installations to react to your visitors' movement!

What is needed for a video mapping project?

Content - Hardware - Location - Programming - Showtime


Every project has unique characteristics and therefore needs a custom analysis of the needs for the best achievable result.

In short, a video mapping project needs the right video projector(s) for the job, one or multiple media servers, a location to safely house the projectors, cabling, power, and the right content to be used in the project.


Depending on your local regulations, permits might have to be obtained at city council. In most of the cases the client generally only has to provide power access and we’ll take care of the rest

Can a projection be outside?


Projections can happen anywhere as long as it’s dark.

Occasionally the ambient street light needs to be dimmed for the best result, but we have often projected in the city, on festivals or even in natural areas at night.

What is the maximum size of a projection?

Video projections can be BIG!

A single high output video projector can easily cover a regular house and multiple projectors can be combined to create a very large surface or to project from different angles simultaneously. 

Even the largest building of Europe, the parliament of Romania in Bucharest has been mapped with over 100 projectors combined into a single super high resolution screen!

How many lumens are needed?

This answer is unique to every project.

For small projections (3-5m diagonal), 3500 lumens can already be enough in a dark room, while we might need 60.000 lumens to cover the outside of a large building.

We create a custom photometric simulation of every project to determine exactly which projectors are needed for the best result without overshooting on the rental.

How much does video mapping cost?

As there are many variables included in video mapping, it’s impossible to provide a fixed price list. Every project needs a custom analysis to provide a detailed quotation for all aspects involved.

The main variables are : Content - Hardware  - Installation - Operation


Small projects can start as low as 500eur ex vat!

Nokta Visual can also create a custom proposition to fit a provided budget, get in touch to see what’s possible!

What can Nokta Visual provide?

Nokta Visual provides full audio visual solutions customised to your project's needs.

We design, develop, build, program, install and operate video, light, led and laser installations in a wide variety of settings. You can contact us for consultancy, for custom content, to program an interactive concept or to plan and run a full show to dazzle your visitors !

We can partner up with your production team for a large scale project or supply you with the hardware or software needed for your production.

Where is Nokta Visual active?

Nokta Visual is located in Hoboken, near Antwerp, Belgium.

We are experienced working in different countries (Spain, Portugal, Italy, Finland, Dubai..) and ready to fly out any time!

On which notice can Nokta Visual be commissioned?

It all depends on our current schedule!

We have a flexible mindset and can be ready to go in a minute.

Get in touch if you need someone urgently and who knows we can be on the next plane towards you.

Is a temporary installation possible?

Yes, installations can be made for a few hours, days, weeks or months.

If needed we can provide weather proof housing and security measures against theft.

Is a permanent installation possible?


Projectors and media servers can be stowed away so the visitors can’t see where the magic is coming from.
Modern day projectors can go up to 30.000h without servicing, making sure your installation will run perfectly for over 10 years. 

Of course we program everything for easy usage by the end user, even with automatic startup and shut down timers!

Can a projection happen in the daytime?

Sadly not, we just can’t compete with the brightness of direct sunlight.

The best option to show visual content in daytime is the usage of Led screens or digital monitors.

Nokta is experienced working with large led walls and multiple monitor mosaic setups, let us know what you have in mind and we will propose to you the best options for a great result.

Can you project on 3D objects?



We have successfully projected on all sorts of 3D objects, from cars to large 360° cylinders to multiple facades of a big building.

Can you project on existing images / banners / paintings / posters / graffiti / murals?

Yes ! And we love to!

We can project a digital version of an image, over the actual physical image in real life.
This allows us to create custom animations that perfectly fit the banner / mural, which gives a complete new dimension to the painting / mural / branding.

Visitors can see the installation they know in daylight, come alive by night !

Can there be projection to fit a custom decor?

Of course, we have previously teamed up with graphical designers and decor builders to make unique stage decorations for events.
Ideally we receive the digital models or designs of the decor pieces , which allows us to create pixel perfect content to fit the scene.
Nokta Visual can also build and deliver these custom decor pieces if requested.

Can Nokta Visual work with delivered content?

We can work with content already created. If needed we can adapt or re-encode your content for the current project.

Another option is to get us in touch with the content creation team to setup a close collaboration from the start!

Can Nokta Visual collaborate with other companies, freelancers, artists or organisations?

Nokta Visual can be part of a larger team in an AV production or support artists and organisations in the realisation of their projects. 

We are experienced in teaching workshops and classes on animation, light and video for high school and university students.

Contact us to know more.

I have a private event, what’s possible?

The options are endless! 

We can project on buildings, tree’s, infrastructure, stages, anything which isn’t super  reflective !
Using digital animations, we can transform your venue in any style possible to create the perfect atmosphere.

This way we can make it appear like the Taj Mahal is just out of the window, or we can make your children's favourite superhero fly around the room !
We can even project on wedding cakes to make them truly amazing !
It is also possible to incorporate your videos or photos in an installation, let us know what’s on your mind!

I have a corporate event and would like to make it stand out, what can be done?

Again so many options!


Depending on the venue size, we can for example do a triple widescreen projection, showcasing your newest product on one side, your team on the other side and leave room in the centre to show your company details, directions or promotional videos.
It is also possible to project on your products or company vehicles, video map the entire venue to create a unique scenery or make a one of a kind installation with your company logo.

If there is enough space we can even bring a one of a kind hologram screen to really make a lasting impression!

I have a company and would like to have a projection on our headquarters for the holidays, is this possible?

Definitely! We have successfully video mapped on multiple buildings before.
We start with the architectural plans, photographs or even a 3D scan to create visual content which fits perfectly on the architecture and to the occasion.

We can incorporate custom wishes or messages and turn your building in a festive look to wow the public.

Can video mapping be included in a performance, theatre or concert?

Yes , video content can be custom made to perfectly fit the performance and the entire show can be timecode for synced playback
We can also create multiple mappings for a changing decor, integrate control of dmx light, laser or use digital displays in combination with one or more projectors.

Can video mapping be used to enhance my branding or marketing?

Video mapping is an excellent tool for branding or marketing! 

Products big and small can be changed into eye catching modern wonders which visitors just have to investigate.

Projection can be integrated in shops, showrooms, exhibition stands or at company events.

The options are limitless!

Nokta Visual creates audiovisual experiences for your events.
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Nokta Visual

Nokta Visual creates audiovisual experiences for your events.
Visuals // Mapping // Lasers //
Interactive // Custom