Streetart Mapping

Colorful street art video mapping on graffiti in warehouse

Streetart mapping

Streetart mapping is a technique where we apply video projection and custom digital animations on physically painted murals, graffiti and streetart works. Using video mapping allows us to bring these works alive at night and turn any venue into a magical place ! This combination of artforms allows for a great environment visible in the daytime and a totally different ambience at night. 

Streetart mapping can be applied on any scale, on any artwork, even in a 360° inner yard covering all walls ! We can create custom concepts that tell a deeper story at night or create an interactive installation for visitors to engage. It’s even possible to have a different look every day of the week or for special occasions !

Nokta Visual provides streetart mapping as temporary installations for arts, culture, branding and events.

 We create permanent installations custom made for your location, get in touch to know more !

Nokta Visual creates audiovisual experiences for your events.
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