Atfest Italy

Video mapping / AV installation / Custom content

Atfest Italy


2021 / Lecce – Italy

Nokta was asked by atFest to participate in a light & video festival in Lecce, southern Italy. 

Lecce is a beautiful old town with amazing historic architecture.
AtFest asked us to base our animation on the artistic history of Puglia, the region of Lecce, with a focus on the oeuvre of Geremiah Re, Stanislao Sidoti and Vincenzo Ciardo. We investigated the artworks and lives of these artists and found an interesting development in style of Geremiah Re over the course of he’s career.
Especially the contrast between he’s early academic work and the period during the world war is very noticeable, in which he paints mostly dark dull ghostly figures. At the end of he’s career he produces one final masterwork of a wedding scene.

Mapped using Millumin and 2x Canon 1080p DLP – 5000 lumen projectors

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